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Faces and Places - Subjects

SubjectNumber of Images
Camp Springs4
Campbell County26
Campbell County - Officials8
Camps - Camp Ernst25
Camps - Camp Sunshine1
Camps - Marydale23
Car Washes1
Carroll County11
Carroll W. "Smitty" Smith Collection185
Catholic Athletic Club - Ludlow1
Caves - Angel Cave11
Cemeteries - Battle Grove Cemetery1
Cemeteries - Evergreen Cemetery5
Cemeteries - Floral Hill1
Cemeteries - Forest Lawn Cemetery1
Cemeteries - Forest Lawn Memorial Park1
Cemeteries - Highland Cemetery135
Cemeteries - Independence Cemetery11
Cemeteries - Josiah Felix Family Graveyard-Tombstones12
Cemeteries - Linden Grove Cemetery62
Cemeteries - Linden Grove Cemetery - Veteran Tombstones408
Cemeteries - Mother of God Cemetery76
Cemeteries - Polk Memorial Church Cemetery-Tombstones64
Cemeteries - Saint Cecilia1
Cemeteries - Saint John Cemetery1
Cemeteries - Saint Mary Cemetery3
Cemeteries - Saint Stephen2
Cemeteries - Spring Grove1
Cemeteries - Versailles Cemetery - Tombstones11747
Cemeteries - Zion Hill Cemetery - Tombstones66
Cemeteries A-Z1
Centennials - Ludlow115
Central City1
Chamber of Commerce16
Chamber of Commerce - Campbell County2
Chemical Companies5
Chemical Plants2
Children - Unidentified10
Children's Homes2
Children's Homes - Campbell Lodge7
Children's Homes - Children's Home of Northern Kentucky1
Children's Homes - Christian Care Home & School6
Children's Homes - Covington Children's Home6
Children's Homes - Covington Protestant Childrens Home18
Children's Homes - Diocesan Catholic Children's Home15
Children's Homes - Holly Hill10
Children's Homes - Hope Cottage2
Children's Homes - Maplewood.5
Children's Homes - Saint John's2
Children's Homes - Saint Joseph Orphanage2
Children's Homes - St. Johns Orphanage2
Children's Homes - Youth Haven6
Chuches, Christian1
Chuches, Miscellaneous22
Church Activities16
Churches - Baptist1
Churches - Cincinnati1
Churches - Immanuel Reformed Church1
Churches - St. Aloysius2
Churches - St. Augustine1
Churches - St. Mary's3
Churches - St. Matthews, Cincinnati1
Churches - United Methodist1
Churches Protestant - Big Bone Methodist1
Churches, Baptist24
Churches, Baptist - 9th St.1
Churches, Baptist - Beaver Lick2
Churches, Baptist - Belleview Baptist Church1
Churches, Baptist - Bethlehem Baptist Temple1
Churches, Baptist - Big Bone Baptist Church3
Churches, Baptist - Bullittsburg Baptist5
Churches, Baptist - Burlington Baptist2
Churches, Baptist - Calvary Baptist2
Churches, Baptist - Caney Fork1
Churches, Baptist - Charles Creek Baptist Church1
Churches, Baptist - Crescent Springs Baptist Church2
Churches, Baptist - Crittenden Baptist1
Churches, Baptist - Dayton1
Churches, Baptist - English Baptist Church1
Churches, Baptist - Erlanger Baptist3
Churches, Baptist - Faith Baptist1
Churches, Baptist - First 12-Mile Baptist2
Churches, Baptist - First Baptist Church1
Churches, Baptist - First Baptist Church of Ludlow3
Churches, Baptist - First Baptist Church of Walton2
Churches, Baptist - First Baptist Church of Warsaw1
Churches, Baptist - First Baptist of Covington6
Churches, Baptist - First Baptist, Newport1
Churches, Baptist - First Colored2
Churches, Baptist - Florence Baptist6
Churches, Baptist - Fort Mitchell Baptist Church5
Churches, Baptist - Fourth Street Baptist1
Churches, Baptist - Glencoe Church1
Churches, Baptist - Greenview Baptist Church1
Churches, Baptist - Gum Lick2
Churches, Baptist - Hebron Baptist Church1
Churches, Baptist - Hickory Grove Baptist1
Churches, Baptist - Immanual Baptist1
Churches, Baptist - Immanuel Baptist of Covington2
Churches, Baptist - Landmark Baptist Temple5
Churches, Baptist - Macedonia Baptist Church2
Churches, Baptist - Newport1
Churches, Baptist - Oakland Church1
Churches, Baptist - Orchard Street Baptist1
Churches, Baptist - Petersburg Baptist Church1
Churches, Baptist - Piner Baptist Church1
Churches, Baptist - Pleasant Ridge Baptist1
Churches, Baptist - South Side Baptist Church3
Churches, Baptist - Trinity Baptist Church1
Churches, Baptist - Williamstown Baptist1
Churches, Baptist - Wilmington Baptist Church1
Churches, Catholic121
Churches, Catholic - All Saints3
Churches, Catholic - Blessed Sacrament5
Churches, Catholic - Cincinnati5
Churches, Catholic - Corpus Christi11
Churches, Catholic - Holy Cross8
Churches, Catholic - Holy Guardian Angels Church3
Churches, Catholic - Immaculate Conception1
Churches, Catholic - Immaculate Heart of Mary4
Churches, Catholic - Mary Queen of Heaven1
Churches, Catholic - Mother of God227
Churches, Catholic - Our Savior Church4
Churches, Catholic - Sacred Heart2
Churches, Catholic - Sacred Heart Church7
Churches, Catholic - Saint Agnes29
Churches, Catholic - Saint Aloysius109
Churches, Catholic - Saint Ann7
Churches, Catholic - Saint Anthony4
Churches, Catholic - Saint Augustine13
Churches, Catholic - Saint Barbara11
Churches, Catholic - Saint Benedict10
Churches, Catholic - Saint Bernard6
Churches, Catholic - Saint Boniface10
Churches, Catholic - Saint Boniface (German)2
Churches, Catholic - Saint Catherine1
Churches, Catholic - Saint Catherine of Sienna1
Churches, Catholic - Saint Cecilia5
Churches, Catholic - Saint Francis4
Churches, Catholic - Saint Francis de Sales4
Churches, Catholic - Saint Francis Xavier2
Churches, Catholic - Saint George4
Churches, Catholic - Saint Henry9
Churches, Catholic - Saint James2
Churches, Catholic - Saint John14
Churches, Catholic - Saint John Catholic Church Georgetown3
Churches, Catholic - Saint John the Baptist1
Churches, Catholic - Saint Johns1
Churches, Catholic - Saint Joseph24
Churches, Catholic - Saint Joseph (Cold Spring)13
Churches, Catholic - Saint Joseph - Covington4
Churches, Catholic - Saint Joseph Church13
Churches, Catholic - Saint Mary of the Assumption Alexandria1
Churches, Catholic - Saint Mary's Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption208
Churches, Catholic - Saint Mary's Church (Morning View)1
Churches, Catholic - Saint Mathews Church1
Churches, Catholic - Saint Matthew1
Churches, Catholic - Saint Patrick39
Churches, Catholic - Saint Patrick (Maysville)5
Churches, Catholic - Saint Patrick (Taylor Mill)2
Churches, Catholic - Saint Paul7
Churches, Catholic - Saint Philip4
Churches, Catholic - Saint Pius1
Churches, Catholic - Saint Pius X6
Churches, Catholic - Saint Stephen12
Churches, Catholic - Saint Therese6
Churches, Catholic - Saint Thomas6
Churches, Catholic - Saint Timothy2
Churches, Catholic - Saint Vincent de Paul3
Churches, Catholic - Saints Boniface and James26
Churches, Catholic - Saints Peter and Paul1
Churches, Catholic - St. Aloysius2
Churches, Catholic - Unidentified1
Churches, Christian55
Churches, Christian - Grace United Church of Christ1
Churches, Christian - Indepdence Christian Church1
Churches, Christian - Latonia Christian Church1
Churches, Christian - Ludlow Christian Church12
Churches, Christian - Ludlow First Baptist Church1
Churches, Church of Christ2
Churches, Congregational2
Churches, Episcopal12
Churches, Episcopal - Saint Paul1
Churches, Episcopal - Saint Stephen's1
Churches, Episcopal - Trinity Episcopal Church19
Churches, Evangelical - St. Paul's Evangelical Church1
Churches, German1
Churches, Jehovah's Witnesses1
Churches, Jewish2
Churches, Lutheran6
Churches, Methodist38
Churches, Methodist - 9th Street Methodist1
Churches, Methodist - Epworth Methodist1
Churches, Methodist - First Methodist1
Churches, Methodist - Grace Methodist1
Churches, Methodist - Lane Chapel CME Church1
Churches, Methodist - Main Street Methodist Church7
Churches, Methodist - Salem Methodist2
Churches, Miscellaneous1
Churches, Mormon1
Churches, Nazarene11
Churches, Nazarene - Eastside Church of the Nazarene1
Churches, Presbyterian30
Churches, Presbyterian - 1st Presbyterian1
Churches, Protestant48
Churches, Protestant - 1st Church of God1
Churches, Protestant - Amazing Grace Lutheran church1
Churches, Protestant - Asbury United Methodist Church2
Churches, Protestant - Banklick Christian Church1
Churches, Protestant - Baptist - First Baptist2
Churches, Protestant - Cincinnati1
Churches, Protestant - Concord Baptist Church1
Churches, Protestant - Concord Pentecostal Church1
Churches, Protestant - Cynthiana Christian Church1
Churches, Protestant - Decoursey Baptist Church1
Churches, Protestant - Fellowship of Believers2
Churches, Protestant - First Baptist1
Churches, Protestant - First Baptist Church - Covington5
Churches, Protestant - First Baptist Church of Ludlow1
Churches, Protestant - First Christian1
Churches, Protestant - First Christian - Covington1
Churches, Protestant - First Church of Christ - Florence2
Churches, Protestant - First Church of God1
Churches, Protestant - First United Methodist Church - Covington6
Churches, Protestant - Flagg Springs Baptist Church2
Churches, Protestant - Florence Baptist Church1
Churches, Protestant - Florence Christian Church8
Churches, Protestant - Gloria Dei Lutheran Church4
Churches, Protestant - Goshen Christian Church1
Churches, Protestant - Grants Lick Baptist Church2
Churches, Protestant - Hebron Lutheran Church2
Churches, Protestant - Heritage Assembly of God2
Churches, Protestant - Immanuel United Methodist1
Churches, Protestant - Knox Presbyterian Church1
Churches, Protestant - Lystra Christian Church1
Churches, Protestant - Madison Avenue Christian3
Churches, Protestant - Madison Avenue Christian Church2
Churches, Protestant - Methodist2
Churches, Protestant - Petersburg Christian Church1
Churches, Protestant - Saint John3
Churches, Protestant - Sand Run Baptist Church.3
Churches, Protestant - Scott Street Church of God1
Churches, Protestant - St. John Congregational6
Churches, Protestant - St. Paul's United Church of Christ1
Churches, Protestant - York Street Congregational2
Churches, Seventh Day Adventist1
Churches, Street Preachers6
Churches, Unidentified5
Churches, United Church of Christ2
Cincinnati - Union Terminal31
Cincinnati, Cincinnati - Union Terminal1
Cincinnati, OH1
Cincinnati, Postcards1
Cincinnati, Views - Cincinnati1
Cities - Erlanger1
City Buildings- Covington2
City Halls - Covington9
City Halls - Newport2
Civil Defense15
Civil War20
Civilian Conservation Corps1
Class Portraits4
Class Reunions6
Clothing Stores5
Clubs - Country1
Clubs - Go Go Clubs16
Clubs - Kenton Wheel Club1
Clubs - Lark13
Clubs, Social3
Coal Companies2
Coal Companies - Hatfield, J.T.1
Coal Industry11
Coal Industry - Blue Heron Mine5
Cold Spring4
Collection - Alice Taylor Hoffmann53
Collection - Robert McGrane95
Colleges - Alice Lloyd College1
Colleges - Berea2
Colleges - Centre College13
Colleges - Chase Law School1
Colleges - Clark Commercial College2
Colleges - Cumberland College1
Colleges - Eastern Kentucky University (EKU)17
Colleges - Georgetown College1
Colleges - Hebrew Union College1
Colleges - Kentucky State University1
Colleges - Maysville Community and Technical College1
Colleges - Morehead State Univeristy3
Colleges - Morehead State University (MSU)7
Colleges - NKU1
Colleges - Northern kentucky State College (NKSC)5
Colleges - Northern Kentucky University (NKU)518
Colleges - Saint Joseph College1
Colleges - Saint Xavier University1
Colleges - Thomas More College (TMC)145
Colleges - UK1
Colleges - University of Cincinnati9
Colleges - University of Kentucky (UK)103
Colleges - Villa Madonna College31
Colleges - Wittenberg University1
Condominiums - Beechgrove1
Condominiums - Bellebrook1
Condominiums - Bellevue Harbour4
Condominiums - Governor's Point14
Condominiums - Prospect Point8
Condominiums - Riverside1
Condominiums - Riverside Terrace3
Construction Companies4
Convents - Saint Ann's Convent3
Convents - Saint Anne's Convent8
coronavirus - 202085
Correctional Facilities - Daniel Boone9
Correctional Facilities - N. KY Reception and Diagnostic Center3
Cosmetic Surgery6
Costume and Dress11
Count Officials1
Country Clubs7
Country Clubs - Boone Aire5
Country Clubs - Cincinnati2
Country Clubs - Cynthiana1
Country Clubs - Fort Mitchell14
Country Clubs - Highland21
Country Clubs - Highlands1
Country Clubs - Ryland25
Country Clubs - Summit Hills19
Country Clubs A-Z6
County Judges1
County Officials2
Court House - Mt. Olivet1
Courthouse - Owen County1
Courthouse - Pendelton County2
Courthouses - Alexandria7
Courthouses - Bath County1
Courthouses - Boone County3
Courthouses - Booneville1
Courthouses - Brooksville1
Courthouses - Burlington20
Courthouses - Campbell County3
Courthouses - Carrollton20
Courthouses - Cincinnati29
Courthouses - Covington68
Courthouses - Cynthiana4
Courthouses - Falmouth8
Courthouses - Federal6
Courthouses - Frankfort1
Courthouses - Independence18
Courthouses - Lexington1
Courthouses - Maysville7
Courthouses - Newport49
Courthouses - Owenton4
Courthouses - Warsaw15
Courthouses - Williamstown10
Covington - 10th Street2
Covington - 11th Street10
Covington - 12th Street91
Covington - 13th Street1
Covington - 15th Street1
Covington - 16th Street2
Covington - 18th Street1
Covington - 19th Street1
Covington - 20th Street1
Covington - 26th Street1
Covington - 2nd Street51
Covington - 3rd Street6
Covington - 43rd Street2
Covington - 46th Street1
Covington - 4th Street11
Covington - 5th Street28
Covington - 6th Street24
Covington - 7th Street17
Covington - 8th Street3
Covington - 9th Street10
Covington - Anniversaries2
Covington - Anniversaries - 191414
Covington - Anniversaries - 19811
Covington - Anniversaries - 20051
Covington - Bakewell Avenue2
Covington - Banklick Street11
Covington - Berry Street1
Covington - Bullock Street1
Covington - Byrd Street2
Covington - Centennial10
Covington - Church Street1
Covington - City Employees2
Covington - Clifford Avenue2
Covington - Court Street11
Covington - Covington Avenue15
Covington - Craig Street4
Covington - Crescent Avenue6
Covington - Dalton Street3
Covington - Decoursey12
Covington - Earle Avenue1
Covington - Elections2
Covington - Electric Avenue1
Covington - Elm Street11
Covington - Euclid Avenue3
Covington - Fry Street1
Covington - Garrard Street17
Covington - Greenup Street36
Covington - Highway Avenue8
Covington - Hillcrest Avenue1
Covington - Holman Avenue6
Covington - Howard Litzler Drive8
Covington - Iowa Avenue2
Covington - Johnson Street2
Covington - Latonia Avenue6
Covington - Levassor Street1
Covington - Linden Avenue1
Covington - Madison Avenue170
Covington - Main Street21
Covington - Mainstrasse Village78
Covington - Montague Road2
Covington - Myrtle Street1
Covington - Officials13
Covington - Park Place2
Covington - Pershing Street1
Covington - Philadelphia Street11
Covington - Pike Street103
Covington - Rivercenter Place1
Covington - Riverside Drive44
Covington - Riverview Road1
Covington - Robbins Street1
Covington - Rogers Street1
Covington - Route 811
Covington - Russell Street18
Covington - Saratoga Street1
Covington - Scott Boulevard43
Covington - Sesquicentennial - 196561
Covington - Short John Street1
Covington - Southern Avenue2
Covington - Trevor Street1
Covington - Wallace Avenue7
Covington - Warren1
Covington - Washington Avenue4
Covington - West Spring Street1
Covington - Western Avenue7
Covington - Willard Street3
Covington - Winston3
Covington - Yoke5
Covington City Employees1
Covington City Officials35
Covington Landing36
Covington Officials3
Covington Views1
Crafts and Hobbies7
Creeks - Banklick20
Creeks - Boone County1
Crescent Springs23
Crestview - Campbell County1
Crestview Hills10
Crestview Hills Mall1
Crime and Criminals303
Crime Prevention3
Cumberland Gap1
SubjectNumber of Images