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SubjectNumber of Images
Sacred Run3
Saint Elizabeth College of Nursing - Class of 19195
Saint Elizabeth College of Nursing - Class of 19204
Saint Elizabeth College of Nursing - Class of 19218
Saint Elizabeth College of Nursing - Class of 193110
Saint Elizabeth College of Nursing - Class of 193213
Saint Elizabeth College of Nursing - Class of 193324
Saint Elizabeth College of Nursing - Class of 193917
Saint Elizabeth College of Nursing - Class of 194021
Saint Elizabeth College of Nursing - Class of 194342
Saint Elizabeth College of Nursing - Class of 194833
Saint Elizabeth College of Nursing - Class of 195014
Saint Elizabeth College of Nursing - Class of 19512
Saint Elizabeth College of Nursing - Class of 195539
Saks Fifth Ave.1
Salvation Army3
Santa Claus9
Savings and Loan - A1
Savings and Loan - B1
Savings and Loan - C6
Savings and Loan - F5
Savings and Loan - G1
Savings and Loan - H1
Savings and Loan - K1
Savings and Loan - R1
Savings and Loan - S2
School Crossing Guards16
School Superintendents19
Schools - Adult Education3
Schools - Boards of Education21
Schools - Cincinnati1
Schools - Covington2
Schools - Day Care15
Schools - Millersburg Military Institute2
Schools - PTA13
Schools - Scott School House2
Schools - Secondary - Covington1
Schools - Vocational3
Schools, Catholic12
Schools, Catholic - Academy of Notre Dame de la Providence1
Schools, Catholic - Bishop Brossart High School16
Schools, Catholic - Bishop Howard Non-Graded School2
Schools, Catholic - Blessed Sacrament1
Schools, Catholic - Blessed Sacrament School8
Schools, Catholic - Blessed Sacrement School2
Schools, Catholic - Cathedral Lyceum1
Schools, Catholic - Covington2
Schools, Catholic - Covington Catholic High School32
Schools, Catholic - Covington Latin School31
Schools, Catholic - Holy Cross Elementary6
Schools, Catholic - Holy Cross High School7
Schools, Catholic - Holy Guardian Angel School11
Schools, Catholic - Immaculate Conception School2
Schools, Catholic - Immaculate Heart of Mary School2
Schools, Catholic - LaSalette Academy18
Schools, Catholic - Mary Queen of Heaven School1
Schools, Catholic - Mother of God Parochial School2
Schools, Catholic - Mother of God School23
Schools, Catholic - Newport Catholic High School16
Schools, Catholic - Newport Central Catholic High School4
Schools, Catholic - Notre Dame Academy22
Schools, Catholic - Our Lady of Divine Providence Academy17
Schools, Catholic - Our Lady of Providence2
Schools, Catholic - Our Lady of the Highlands4
Schools, Catholic - Saint Agnes School30
Schools, Catholic - Saint Aloysius School15
Schools, Catholic - Saint Ann School1
Schools, Catholic - Saint Anthony School1
Schools, Catholic - Saint Augustine School5
Schools, Catholic - Saint Benedict School10
Schools, Catholic - Saint Bernard School2
Schools, Catholic - Saint Boniface and Saint James2
Schools, Catholic - Saint Boniface School2
Schools, Catholic - Saint Henry6
Schools, Catholic - Saint Henry Elementary School1
Schools, Catholic - Saint Henry High School35
Schools, Catholic - Saint Henry High School - Class of 197179
Schools, Catholic - Saint James High School2
Schools, Catholic - Saint John School2
Schools, Catholic - Saint John's School2
Schools, Catholic - Saint Joseph16
Schools, Catholic - Saint Mary's School3
Schools, Catholic - Saint Patrick2
Schools, Catholic - Saint Patricks School8
Schools, Catholic - Saint Philip School2
Schools, Catholic - Saint Pius2
Schools, Catholic - Saint Pius X School2
Schools, Catholic - Saint Stephen School1
Schools, Catholic - Saint Stephens1
Schools, Catholic - Saint Therese School2
Schools, Catholic - Saint Vincent de Paul School4
Schools, Catholic - Villa Madonna Academy44
Schools, Catholic - Villa Madonna High School1
Schools, Covington7
Schools, Newport1
Schools, Private12
Schools, Private - Erlanger1
Schools, Public53
Schools, Public - 10th District School - Covington8
Schools, Public - 10th Street School1
Schools, Public - 10th Street School - Newport1
Schools, Public - 11th District School - Covington6
Schools, Public - 12th District School - Covington1
Schools, Public - 1st District School - Covington23
Schools, Public - 2nd District School - Covington2
Schools, Public - 2nd District School - Newport1
Schools, Public - 3rd District School - Covington7
Schools, Public - 4th District School - Covington26
Schools, Public - 4th District School - Newport1
Schools, Public - 4th Street School - Newport8
Schools, Public - 5th District School - Covington8
Schools, Public - 5th District School - Newport2
Schools, Public - 6th District School - Covington7
Schools, Public - 7th District School - Covington12
Schools, Public - 8th District School1
Schools, Public - 8th District School - Covington8
Schools, Public - 8th Street School - Newport1
Schools, Public - 9th District School4
Schools, Public - 9th District School - Covington7
Schools, Public - 9th Street School - Newport6
Schools, Public - A.D. Owens Elementary School7
Schools, Public - A.J. Jolly Elementary School5
Schools, Public - Alexandria Elementary School2
Schools, Public - Augusta Elementary School2
Schools, Public - Augusta High School7
Schools, Public - Beechgrove Elementary School5
Schools, Public - Beechwood1
Schools, Public - Beechwood Elementary School18
Schools, Public - Beechwood High School12
Schools, Public - Bellevue3
Schools, Public - Bellevue Elementary School1
Schools, Public - Bellevue High School12
Schools, Public - Boone County1
Schools, Public - Boone County High School19
Schools, Public - Boone County Junior High School1
Schools, Public - Bracken County Middle School1
Schools, Public - Bromley Elementary School3
Schools, Public - Burlington Elementary School2
Schools, Public - Campbell County3
Schools, Public - Campbell County Elementary2
Schools, Public - Campbell County Elementary School1
Schools, Public - Campbell County High School16
Schools, Public - Campbell County Middle School8
Schools, Public - Chester Goodridge Elementary School1
Schools, Public - Cincinnati29
Schools, Public - Cold Spring Elementary1
Schools, Public - Cold Spring Elementary School4
Schools, Public - Conner1
Schools, Public - Conner Junior High School2
Schools, Public - Conner Senior High School8
Schools, Public - Covington21
Schools, Public - Covington Elementary School2
Schools, Public - Covington High School20
Schools, Public - Covington Junior High1
Schools, Public - Crescent Springs10
Schools, Public - Crescent Springs Elementary School4
Schools, Public - Danville1
Schools, Public - Dayton High School30
Schools, Public - Deming High School2
Schools, Public - Deming School1
Schools, Public - Denton County - Elementary1
Schools, Public - Dixie Heights High School224
Schools, Public - Dora Cummins School/Park Ave School12
Schools, Public - Dry Ridge Elementary2
Schools, Public - Edgar Arnett Elementary School3
Schools, Public - Edgar Arnett School1
Schools, Public - Elementary1
Schools, Public - Elementary - Park Hills1
Schools, Public - Erlanger8
Schools, Public - Erlanger Elsmere School1
Schools, Public - Erlanger High School1
Schools, Public - Florence1
Schools, Public - Florence Elementary School7
Schools, Public - Floyd High School2
Schools, Public - Gallatin County1
Schools, Public - Gallatin County High School1
Schools, Public - Germantown Elementary School1
Schools, Public - Glencoe Elementary1
Schools, Public - Glenn O. Swing Elementary6
Schools, Public - Goodridge Elementary School14
Schools, Public - Grandview Elementary School18
Schools, Public - Grant County High School2
Schools, Public - Grants Lick Elementary School1
Schools, Public - Harrison County1
Schools, Public - Harrison County High School2
Schools, Public - Highlands High School26
Schools, Public - Hillard Collins Elementary School2
Schools, Public - Holmes High School117
Schools, Public - Independence7
Schools, Public - Independence High School9
Schools, Public - John G. Carlisle3
Schools, Public - John G. Carlisle Elementary School24
Schools, Public - Johnson Elementary School2
Schools, Public - Kenton County3
Schools, Public - Kenton County Elementary1
Schools, Public - Kenton Elementary School1
Schools, Public - Kindergartens1
Schools, Public - Lakeside Presbyterian Nursery School1
Schools, Public - Latonia2
Schools, Public - Latonia Elementary School8
Schools, Public - Lincoln Elementary School3
Schools, Public - Lincoln Grant School2
Schools, Public - Lincoln-Grant High School9
Schools, Public - Lloyd Memorial High School11
Schools, Public - Ludlow3
Schools, Public - Ludlow Elementary School10
Schools, Public - Ludlow High School10
Schools, Public - Mason County3
Schools, Public - Maysville High School7
Schools, Public - Maysville Vocational School1
Schools, Public - Mildred Dean Elementary1
Schools, Public - Mildred Dean School5
Schools, Public - New Haven Elementary8
Schools, Public - Newport7
Schools, Public - Newport High School28
Schools, Public - Newport Junior High School3
Schools, Public - Northern Elementary School2
Schools, Public - Ockerman Elementary School5
Schools, Public - Ockerman Junior High School1
Schools, Public - Other Counties12
Schools, Public - Park Avenue School1
Schools, Public - Park Hills Elementary School27
Schools, Public - Park Hills School2
Schools, Public - Petersburg Elementary School2
Schools, Public - Piner Elementary School6
Schools, Public - R.C. Hinsdale Elementary School14
Schools, Public - River Ridge Elementary School8
Schools, Public - Riverridge School1
Schools, Public - Robert D. Johnson Elementary School7
Schools, Public - Ruth Moyer Elementary3
Schools, Public - Ruth Moyer Elementary School12
Schools, Public - Ryle High School2
Schools, Public - Samuel Woodfill Elementary School5
Schools, Public - Scott High School23
Schools, Public - Secondary - Scott High School1
Schools, Public - Sheldon Clark High1
Schools, Public - Silver Grove1
Schools, Public - Simon Kenton High School22
Schools, Public - Southern Elementary1
Schools, Public - Southgate Elementary School9
Schools, Public - Southside Elementary1
Schools, Public - Staffordsburg School1
Schools, Public - Stephens Elementary3
Schools, Public - Sunset Elementary School1
Schools, Public - Taylor Elementary2
Schools, Public - Taylor Mill School2
Schools, Public - Tichener Middle School1
Schools, Public - Turkeyfoot Junior High School4
Schools, Public - Twenhofel Junior High School3
Schools, Public - Twenhofel Middle School1
Schools, Public - Visalia3
Schools, Public - Walton Verona Elementary School3
Schools, Public - Walton Verona High School1
Schools, Public - Western Hills Elementary School1
Schools, Public - Westside Elementary1
Schools, Public - White's Tower Elementary School2
Schools, Public - Williamstown Elementary School2
Schools, Public - Williamstown High School2
Schools, Public - Woodfill Elementary School2
Schools, Public - Woodfull Schools1
Schools, Public - Woodland Middle School1
Schools, Public - York Street School1
Schools, Public Newport High School1
Schools, Special1
Schools, Special - Easter Seal Center17
Schools, Special - Redwood1
Schools, Special - Redwood School34
Schools, Special - Riverside Good Council School4
Schools, Unidentified1
Schools, Vocational24
Schools, Vocational - Northern Kentucky State Vocational School3
Seminaries - Arnold Seminary1
Seminaries - Saint Pius X18
Seminaries - St. Piux C.1
Seminaries - Western Baptist Theological Institute4
Senior Citizen Apartments1
Senior Citizen Apartments - Carmel Manor1
Senior Citizen Apartments - Colony3
Senior Citizen Apartments - Florence1
Senior Citizen Apartments - Golden Towers7
Senior Citizen Apartments - Grand towers13
Senior Citizen Apartments - Hathaway Court6
Senior Citizen Apartments - High Point6
Senior Citizen Apartments - Old Ladies Home4
Senior Citizen Apartments - Panorama15
Senior Citizen Homes1
Senior Citizens41
Senior Olympics26
Service Stations - Covington1
Service Stations - Fort Wright1
Shaker Village3
Shopping Centers1
Sign - Exit Ramp1
Signs - Beer2
Signs - Bilingual1
Signs - Business1
Signs - Directional1
Signs - Juxtaposition2
Signs - Legal Notice1
Signs - Misspelling3
Signs - Multiple Signs1
Signs - Political2
Signs - Restaurant1
Signs - Road Construction1
Signs - Teenage Drinking1
Signs - Toxic Waste1
Signs - Traffic8
Signs - Weight Limit1
Signs - Welcome1
Silver Grove9
Silverlake Shopping Center5
Singleton Collection (featuring Rabe, Ruh, & Heile families)530
Sisters of Divine Providence3
Snow and Ice230
Snowstorm - 197849
Social Groups2
Social Services1
Social Services - Brighton Center6
Social Services - Brighton Center4
Social Services - Community Youth Center1
Social Services - Comprehensive Care2
Social Services - Cov CC1
Social Services - Covington Community Center1
Social Services - Goodwill Industries7
Social Services - Meals on Wheels1
Social Services - Misc17
Social Services - Misc - Covington Youth Opportunity Center1
Social Services - Misc - Family Planning Center1
Social Services - N. Ky Community Center3
Social Services - R1
Social Services - Salvation Army22
Social Srvices - Misc1
Somerset Hall4
South - Officials1
Spanish American War5
Spelling Bees23
Sports - Archery11
Sports - Baseball189
Sports - Baseball/Softball7
Sports - Basketball504
Sports - Basketball - University of Kentucky (UK)31
Sports - Bicycling19
Sports - Bowling15
Sports - Boxing19
Sports - Cheerleading30
Sports - Cross Country14
Sports - Cross Country Cycling1
Sports - Cycling15
Sports - Falconry2
Sports - Fencing3
Sports - Fishing60
Sports - Football300
Sports - Gold1
Sports - Golf84
Sports - Gymnastics5
Sports - Hockey13
Sports - Horse Racing7
Sports - Ice Skating5
Sports - Jump Roping1
Sports - Karting3
Sports - Martial Arts17
Sports - Pool6
Sports - Racquetball2
Sports - Roller Skating5
Sports - Running95
Sports - Senior Games1
Sports - Shooting5
Sports - Skateboarding2
Sports - Skating3
Sports - Skiing12
Sports - Snow boarding1
Sports - Soccer92
Sports - Softball40
Sports - Special Olympics41
Sports - Street Hockey1
Sports - Swimming54
Sports - Swimming and diving5
Sports - Teams1
Sports - Tennis36
Sports - Track4
Sports - Track and Field51
Sports - Volleyball19
Sports - Weightlifting3
Sports - Wrestling63
Sports - Youth Hockey4
Sports Clubs1
Sports- baseball1
Stadiums - Riverfront Stadium1
State Routes - Kentucky 171
Steamboats - America1
Steamboats - American Queen7
Steamboats - Atta Boy1
Steamboats - Belle of Louisville17
Steamboats - Belle of Richmond1
Steamboats - Bonanza1
Steamboats - Callin' for a Landing1
Steamboats - Captain Hook1
Steamboats - Clare C Beatty1
Steamboats - Covington1
Steamboats - Cricket1
Steamboats - Delta Queen33
Steamboats - Dixie1
Steamboats - Donald B1
Steamboats - G2
Steamboats - Hatfield Line47
Steamboats - Island Princess2
Steamboats - Island Queen36
Steamboats - John W. Hubbard2
Steamboats - Julius Flishmann2
Steamboats - Majestic2
Steamboats - Mark Twain5
Steamboats - Mike Fink15
Steamboats - Mississippi Queen11
Steamboats - New Orleans1
Steamboats - O1
Steamboats - P1
Steamboats - Queen City3
Steamboats - S1
Steamboats - Spirit of America3
Steamboats - Swiss Belle1
Steamboats - Tom Greene2
Steamboats - U.S.S. Nightmare3
Steamboats - Washington1
Stoes - Sears1
Stores - Bigg's19
Stores - K-Mart1
Stores - Sam's Wholesale Club1
Stores - Sears2
Stores - Trader Joe's7
Storm Damage20
Storm Damage - Covington19
Storm Damage - Newport1
Street Cars3
Street Cleaners6
Streets - Kentaboo Avenue1
Streets - Madison Avenue2
Streets - Pike2
Streets - Pike Street1
Streets - Plans2
Streets - Winston1
Supreme Court1
Swimming Pools13
SubjectNumber of Images