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Image ID:di40907
Description:Staff Development Day - (1st row) Charles King, Sue Schwier, Brenda Bising, Mary Ann Mongan, Mary Jo Mullins, Leah Holley, Ruth Coyle, Nancy Bloemer, Rick Sacksteder, Kim Behle, (2nd row) Jennifer Beach, Margaret (Bunky) Carl, Terri Diebel, Jane McDevitt, Bev Lenzer, Robin Cummins, Joyce Elliott, Cecelia Horn, Macey Sullivan, Alice Manchikes, Diana Jackson, Catherine Vitt, Virginia Case, Veronica Cullison, Dot Bresser, Rita Funke, (3rd row) Charlotte Roberts, Richard Gibeau, Anthony Durso, Steve Albert, Pat Fuller, Jay Fangman, Wayne Onskt, Keith Sanders, Elaine Wilkerson, Paul Cernut, Sara Shirley, Marty Stauber, Nancy Mohr, Pat Wilson, Pat Bogenschutz, Jerry Oaks, Bobbie Morgan, (4th row) Bob Jenkins, Bill Clark, Shawn Blythe, Cathy Cummins, Lou Rehkamp, Martha McKinley, Mary Reed, Kathy Baker, Mike Averdick, Dave Schroeder, Ruth Eubank, Dorothy Brown, Mary Jo Gauck, Leslie Hoekzema, Kathi Epperson, Laura Davies, Mary Webster, Paul Ponder
Date:March 14, 1995
Source:KCPL Staff
Subject:Libraries - Covington
Date Added:Sep 18, 2008
Type:Photograph - Color
Full Image:5927 x 3363px
Medium Image:450 x 255px
Thumbnail:150 x 85px


    • 2nd row to the right of Terri Diebel, I think that is Kelly Fugate and not Jane McDevitt.
    • Posted by leah holley on Jan 04, 2014 10:44 PM
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